How To Begin A Website with WordPress

To Begin A Website with WordPress is incredibly simple and easy , most of the people can get it done in 10-20 min’s by simply following the setup video in step # 2. Some get stuck and if that unexpectedly happens to you, send me an email I will aid you in getting it right. I help somebody out nearly every day so never think twice to question.

You must make two decisions before you begin your website:

What domain name you would like to use.

In which you plan to host your blog site.


As you can tell, the domain name of my blog site is It’s my blog’s address on the internet. Whether you’re in the U . S ., Canada, U . K ., Australia, New Zealand, The European Union, Japan, or elsewhere I’d Strongly suggest getting a .com name You would like your blog to have a world-wide audience and .com is THE worldwide domain name.

dot com

Pick a .com name that you prefer and you will be great to go!

Selecting A Web Hosting

Web hosting are online services that store your blog and allows people to access it. The web host you select matters a great deal. Many people opt for cost-free website hosting or low quality website hosts and wish to have a great experience. No no no! In case you do not begin with a web host which is solid, you will have got to pay a person to repair your blog site when your web host screws up.

I’ve tested a lot of website hosts and opt for Bluehost over all of the rest I have tried out (FatCow, Host Gator, 1 and 1, HostNine, GoDaddy, Host Monster) as they are extremely reliable and also have 24/7 help and support via telephone, e-mail, or chat (very important). Additionally they make it pretty simple to build a weblog.

For the reason that Bluehost is very great, they’re usually a tad bit more high-priced than many other website hostings. Thankfully for you, I was able to negotiate a large discount for those who use this tutorial. In case you follow any link in this guide to Bluehost,

After you have your web hosting, creating a blog is only a matter of several mouse clicks, as you will see in my WordPress installation video, in which I take you step-by-step through the whole process of building your blog site.

Step #2